Negros Island: An Ultimate Guide To Unravel The Lesser Known Gem Of Philippines

negros island an ultimate guide to unravel the lesser known gem of philippines

Sumary of Negros Island: An Ultimate Guide To Unravel The Lesser Known Gem Of Philippines:

  • Nonetheless, it is indeed a great escape for all types of travelers and here’s a guide that’ll make your travel hassle-free at this Philippine Island.
  • About Negros Island Negros is a boot shaped island that is 217 km long and 35 to 79 km wide.
  • This island has rugged mountain interior, underwater coral gardens and beautiful beaches.
  • This southern coast stretches from Danjugan Island around the tip to bias.
  • The linguistic separation of this island is very important as it reflects the separation of the eastern and the western coastal areas from each other by the central mountain range: Hiligaynon from Panay is widely spoken by the Negros whereas Cebuano from Cebu is very dominant in the eastern coast.
  • Things To Do In Negros Island 1. Casaroro Falls Image Source This is a very popular attraction of Negros Island and is an amazing place and everyone should take a look at this place when they visit this island.

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