Tinipak River: Feel the freedom, join the flow, and think of the future

tinipak river feel the freedom join the flow and think of the future

Sumary of Tinipak River: Feel the freedom, join the flow, and think of the future:

  • Peria After almost two years of lockdown, I have finally experienced freedom just two-and-a-half-hour drive away from Manila.
  • The nearby areas are also the ancestral domains of Dumagat-Remontado indigenous peoples and is protected by the DENR.
  • News of Kaliwa Dam News of the controversial Kaliwa Dam project showed that Tinipak River will be part of its main reservoir.
  • Kaliwa Dam, if completed, will supply the increasing water demand of Metro Manila.
  • Sadly, the same project is “designed” to flood the beautiful scenery of Tinipak River, together with all the endangered wildlife and ancestral domains of our indigenous people.
  • Eco-tourism will also disappear as the project would submerge portion of Barangay Daraitan.

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