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A day away

Sumary of A day away:

  • A day away Experience luxurious daytime escapes published : 14 Jan 2022 at 11:35 newspaper section: Guru Spa treatment room.
  • The Singapore-based platform is the first online destination for exclusively-curated daytime experiences at the finest hotels in Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong, with further expansions on the horizon.
  • DayAway was founded by marketing expert Martha Waslen and launched with the iconic Raffles Hotel Singapore as its first hotel partner.
  • The platform evolved as a supply and demand solution to connect people looking for engaging experiences outside their homes with the surplus of hotel inventory due to international travel restrictions.
  • With the goal to establish DayAway as the world’s foremost name in booking daytime experiences at the world’s finest hotels, luxury hotel brands and boutique properties that offer engaging, unique experiences are chosen.
  • Next up is probably what one dreads the most — the Evolt 360 Body Scan machine in the gym.

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