famed singaporean eatery hawker chan loses its michelin star

Sumary of Famed Singaporean eatery Hawker Chan loses its Michelin star:

  • Hawker Chan, founded by Chan Hong Meng, became famous for its simple-yet-delicious $2.50 soy sauce chicken noodle dish when it was included in Michelin’s first-ever guide to Singapore in 2016, earning one star.
  • But when the food bible unveiled its latest Singapore edition on September 1, Hawker Chan — previously known as Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice &
  • Singaporean food expert KF Seetoh tells CNN, “I think Michelin has correctly stuck to their guns and protected the dignity of the stars.
  • “Seetoh was a longtime friend of the late Anthony Bourdain and took the chef to several hawker centers in the Lion City.
  • The two had been working on a hawker center concept in New York City when Bourdain died in 2018.For Seetoh, though, the future of Singapore’s food scene depends on much more than just one chef or one restaurant.
  • However, the country’s high vaccination rate has spurred the Singaporean government to begin slowly reopening and developing a strategy to live safely with Covid.

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