Is this the world’s best crab restaurant?

is this the worlds best crab restaurant

Sumary of Is this the world’s best crab restaurant?:

  • Colombo (CNN) — Crabs caught in Sri Lankan waters are so prized in Singapore’s fine dining establishments that a single one can sell for hundreds of dollars..
  • But that’s exactly what made him the right person to single-handedly change the way the wider world viewed Sri Lankan cooking..
  • The accidental chef Munidasa was born in Tokyo and raised in Colombo by a Japanese mother and Sri Lankan father..
  • But it wasn’t until he went to the United States in the 1990s to study at Johns Hopkins University that he first started cooking..
  • Through trial and error, plus obsessive documentation of what worked and what didn’t, Munidasa went from cooking for survival to cooking for pleasure..
  • And when he returned to Sri Lanka after getting his degree in computer engineering, he started thinking about cooking for a living..
  • Both restaurants landed the first-ever Sri Lankan slots on the annual Asia’s Best Restaurants list — Nihonbashi in 2013 and MOC two years later — putting the small country on the international foodie radar in a way it hadn’t been before..
  • For a long time, these crabs were a staple of every Sri Lankan kitchen, but once they became more profitable to sell overseas than to keep at home they began disappearing from dining tables on the island..
  • There are also one or two appetizers — such as a crab salad served inside a fresh, partially scooped-out avocado — and one dessert, a coconut creme brulee — served inside a fresh coconut, as you might be noticing a theme here….

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