7 Enticing Places To Visit In Ayutthaya To Explore The Resurrected City!

7 enticing places to visit in ayutthaya to explore the resurrected city

Sumary of 7 Enticing Places To Visit In Ayutthaya To Explore The Resurrected City!:

  • An old city in Thailand that rose like a Phoenix from ashes, Ayutthaya is a must-visit for travelers who are looking forward to an international vacation.
  • Being an ancient city founded in 1335, Ayutthaya is an abode to culture, spirituality, temples, museums, and ancient architecture.
  • Serving as a traveler’s paradise it has a lot to offer to travelers who are thinking about best places to visit in Ayutthaya on their next trip.
  • So, if you are ready to make the most out of your Ayutthaya trip, keep scrolling down!
  • The highlight of the park is the 19-metre-tall Buddha image in Wat Phanan Choeng which is quite popular as this is one of the must visit Ayutthaya sightseeing place and travelers visit this renowned park to capture the beauty of the magnificent Buddha image.
  • One can get to know about the history and glorifying past of the fallen city by visiting the most promising museum in the list of places to visit in Ayutthaya.

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