8 Incredible Udon Thani Restaurants That Are Winning Hearts All Over Thailand

8 incredible udon thani restaurants that are winning hearts all over thailand

Sumary of 8 Incredible Udon Thani Restaurants That Are Winning Hearts All Over Thailand:

  • 8 Udon Thani Restaurants To Dine At Udon Thani restaurants are mostly open air restaurants, located beneath the trees, serving main Thai dishes like Jim Jhoom (hot pots), Rabeang Pochana and several other delicious items.
  • Here’s a few of them: 1. The Irish Clock Image Source The northeastern part of Thailand does not really have plenty of bars.
  • after which Trevor Garrard and his wife Ann (the owner of Irish Clock) took over a well running business in the year 2010. This restaurant holds a history of serving lip smacking traditional Thai food.
  • Family 2. The Bookhouse Coffee Shop and Restaurant Image Source The Bookhouse Coffee Shop and Restaurant is also one of the renowned Udon Thani restaurants.
  • Grill Image Source Los Amigos Tex Mex Bar and Grill is not easy to locate in Udon Thani, but the efforts worth the count when you relish its delicacies.
  • Suggested Read: 8 Museums In Thailand That Will Walk You Through The Lesser Known Historical Past 4. Khaosoi Tai Image Source Khaosoi Tai is not a well-known name among the Udon Thani restaurants circuit, but it is slowly gaining popularity among local and foreign tourists.

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