Indulge In The Best Of Shopping In Chiang Mai At These 7 Vibrant Markets

indulge in the best of shopping in chiang mai at these 7 vibrant markets

Sumary of Indulge In The Best Of Shopping In Chiang Mai At These 7 Vibrant Markets:

  • For travelers that love taking back home something exclusive to Thailand, the best idea for them is to do shopping in Chiang Mai.
  • With a wide variety of artesanal products, unique souvenirs, and creative gift items, shopping markets in Chiang Mai attract a lot of foreign customers.
  • Places to go for Shopping In Chiang Mai Since Chiang Mai is a city located in Northern Thailand, subtle differences in the culture, values, and practices can be found as compared to the Southern part of Thailand.
  • The city gets a ton of tourists as travelers make the journey to Chiang Mai and get treated to a lot more hand-made products, gift items made right in front of them.
  • With a look into the shopping options in this part of the country, this Chiang Mai shopping guide will save you a lot of fame and money.
  • 1. The Sunday Walking Street In Chiang Mai Image Source Arguably the most popular market in Chiang Mai- the Sunday Walking Street is a crazy thrill ride that invokes your senses and takes them into overdrive.

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