Places to go? South Africans can still visit the Victoria Falls

places to go south africans can still visit the victoria falls

Sumary of Places to go? South Africans can still visit the Victoria Falls:

  • Victoria Falls is a perennial favourite among travellers from across the globe and especially South Africans.
  • This natural wonder, located right on the doorstep of the little town of Victoria Falls, is open for business and still offers the warm hospitality it has always been renowned for.
  • FLIGHTS TO VICTORIA FALLS Comair’s suspension of scheduled flights until the end of August has put a spanner in the works for travellers booked to several regional destinations, including the Victoria Falls.
  • Most South Africans flew up to Victoria Falls on flights operated by British Airways (operated by Comair) or South African Airways (SAA) when visiting this magical destination classed as one of the natural wonders of the world.
  • FASTJET STILL OPERATING Privately-owned airline Fastjet is still flying into Vic Falls.
  • Fastjet operates three direct flights a week on the Johannesburg-Victoria Falls route, offering travellers an alternative way to reach the destination.

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