Benidorm expat shares ‘difficulty’ of life in resort during lockdown as well as the perk …

benidorm expat shares difficulty of life in resort during lockdown as well as the perks

Before Covid hit, Benidorm welcomed a whopping average of five million UK tourists to its sun-kissed shores. However, these figures plummeted amid travel restrictions put in place both by the UK and Spanish Governments.

She told “I have been regularly translating the government information about the facts and figures for the pandemic to try and help as I know a difficulty for many expats, of all nationalities, was being unable to understand the data which was only published in Valencian and Spanish.”

Spain endured one of the toughest lockdowns in Europe, which Lauren points out was challenging for the majority of those in the country.

However, amid the strict rules, there were some little things that, once they were allowed, made the lockdown “bearable”.

“The initial lockdown was very tough here,” she admitted.

“We weren’t even permitted to go out for a walk, but it made it much more bearable to be able to see the sun, the beach and the blue skies.”

As for most people, being apart from family was difficult, but it was technology that helped Lauren to stay connected with friends and family back home.

“I think our difficulties through the pandemic have been the being so far apart from family and friends,” she said…

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