9 Best Places to Visit in Matara For An Enriching Sri Lankan Holiday Experience In 2021

Matara is a busy town booming with commercial activities. Situated 160 kilometers from the Sri Lankan capital of Colombo, the coastal town may not feature highly on the lists of tourists. The high rise buildings housing some of the leading multinational companies may not seem like an attractive tourist landmark in Matara. However, that does not mean…

Amilla Maldives’ ‘Cracking’ Ministry of Crab Collaboration

Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences and Ministry of Crab are partnering together to announce a pop-up ‘Ministry of Crab’ taking over Wok Restaurant at Amilla for the Easter holidays (from April 1st-4th). With the flagship restaurant at Colombo’s Dutch Hospital upscale shopping precinct, and international outposts in Shanghai, Manilla, Mumbai,…

Shopping In Sri Lanka: Top Places For Shopping & Things To Buy In 2021!

Shopping in Sri Lanka is nothing less than a delight, and anyone who has visited this gorgeous island nation would surely agree. From beautifully crafted jewelry to batiks and more, there’s a lot to take home at prices you would happily pay. Not just this, but the popular cities like Colombo and Kandy also sell anything and everything from regular…

Rekindle the Love Affair with Travel—with Accor

The international hospitality giant is offering 30% on stays INR 500 meal voucher at its 52 hotels across 23 cities in India and Sri Lanka. Members will enjoy free breakfast and x3 reward points as well …

20 Stunning Places To Visit In France

France is one of those amazing countries that’s so diverse and vast that you could literally spend months exploring and still not even touch the surface of stunning places to visit in France. And that’s not even starting with…

James Acaster: ‘If there was no health consequence, I’d eat ice-cream all the time’

The stand-up comedian on his dad’s pancakes and the joy of cold lasagneMy mum loves baking and would make loads of biscuits and cakes, but the rule was that when a batch was gone, they were gone. Until she baked more the following month. I’d have to pace myself. I got worse at pacing myself as I got older. I was obsessed with her double chocolate chip cookies – really chewy but still with granules of demerara sugar. I still haven’t had a double chocolate chip cookie as good. We always had dinner at the table. Mum and Dad thought it was important to have that communal time. We weren’t allowed to have dinner in front of the telly, ever. Even when I was a teen. Mum’s dessert was always kept secret. If we’d known what it was, we might have rushed or not finished our main course. Me, my brother, my sister and Dad were all obsessed by desserts, so Mum had to keep a very close eye on us. Continue reading… …

Christmas In Mexico 2020: 9 Traditions That Reflect The True Beauty & Joy Of The Festival

If you are in Mexico in winter and want to experience the perfect Christmas eve, here it is, your guide to the perfect celebration of Christmas in Mexico. First of all, let us all remember, this festival is all about traditions, and there are some special ones especially surrounding Christmas. But, what are these Mexican traditions? It is basically

6 Amazing Resorts Near Malvan For A Top-Class Stay In 2020!

Malvan is a popular town of Sindhudurg District, Maharashtra. It is a very important town that signifies the importance of culture and history. The historic Sindhudurg fort is located in this town which was the fort of popular Chatrapati Shivaji Raje. Malvan is well-known for clean and clear beaches that are refreshing. People usually visit beaches

Oscar Awards 2020 Is Almost Here And We Can’t Stop Gushing Over The Nominees!

We all have grown up watching award shows irrespective of whether they were for Bollywood or Hollywood. Our love for movies and the actors has only grown with time, thanks to these acknowledging ceremonies that keep restoring our enthusiasm for the entertainment industry, especially the Oscars.   While most of us have been familiar with the Academy

6 Resorts Near Gwalior That Offer The Best Of Comfort, Convenience, And Luxury!

Gwalior is a city of the fortress located in the state of Madhya Pradesh, which is one of the counter magnet cities filled with alluring architecture. As historic rulers ruled this royal city it possesses several breathtaking beauty of forts. The majesty of this city is impeccable as it has hilltop fort popularly known as the precious one amongst fortresses

From Best Spots To Best Diving Schools – Scuba Diving In Koh Tao Is Not To Be Missed!

Thailand, the land of smiles, is the travel hub for tourists all over the globe. With all those lush green forests, famed beaches and world-class diving, vacation in Thailand is a dream come true for most visitors. While there are many exciting sites in the Gulf of Thailand, one island that is famous for scuba diving is Koh Tao. Not just for Scuba diving

Wheels up for trip to India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Indonesia: Pompeo

US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo on Sunday boarded the flight for the trip to India for the third edition of the two-plus-two ministerial dialogue, that begins in New Delhi.Want to know more on Wheels up for trip to India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Indonesia: Pompeo click here go to tour news source. Travel and tour information summary from Hindustan

Scuba Diving In Lakshadweep Is For Every Thrill Seeker Out There Wanting To Make Memories!

Lakshadweep is a tropical land of Indian Union territory which is known for its coral reefs, beaches, islands, mosques and large aquariums. There is a sense of tranquility you can feel while even talking about the Lakshadweep islands because the surroundings are so pristine and serene that you feel like staying there forever. There are many islands

Shopping In Pachmarhi Is So Engaging That It Will Resurrect The Shopaholic Inside You!

A quaint hill station, Pachmarhi is located on the Satpura Hills in Vindhya Range in Madhya Pradesh. This small town is a top-rated hill station and also characterizes some alluring tourist attraction sites. We can always enjoy a dazzling view of the waterfalls, ravines, rolling hills, and the dense vegetation on our trip to Pachmarhi. Pachmarhi which
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