Shopping In Galle: 11 Best Boutique Stores That Should Be On Every Shopper’s List

shopping in galle 11 best boutique stores that should be on every shoppers list

Galle once regarded to be a sleepy, but exotic beach town located on Sri Lanka’s southern coast is just 119 kilometers away from the country’s capital city, Colombo. Presently, this place is a bustling place with new designs and ideas. It is also the Southern Province’ administrative capital as well as district capital! It was previously called Gimhathiththa and was the island’s main port prior to 16th century. It is also a classic example of Portuguese built fortified city in South & Southeast Asia, incorporating native traditions and Portuguese architectural styles.

Tourists from all over the world flock to this place to enjoy its beauty and serenity. The cobbled streets that exist within the Dutch Fort walls are presently lined by hotels, cafes, boutiques, and shops, which blend modern sensibilities with local aesthetic. There are plenty of attractions and shopping in Galle that is sure to make you busy for at least two days or even three! Galle Fort is also a popularly visited world heritage site along with being the largest fortress remaining in Asia, constructed by the European occupiers.

The other prominent landmarks here include the National Maritime Museum, City’s natural harbor, Amangalla –a historic luxury hotel, one of the major Shiva temples and St…

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