Walk this way? Take our famous hiking trails quiz

Put your best foot forward and have a go at navigating our quizWhich of these walks reaches the highest altitude?Annapurna CircuitInca TrailTour du Mont BlancEverest Base Camp trekWhich long-distance trail features in Bill Bryson’s book (and the 2015 film, pictured) A Walk in the Woods?Continental Divide Trail, USAThe Appalachian Trail, USA The Grand Enchantment Trail, USARideau Trail, CanadaThe Camino de Santiago network of pilgrims’ routes comes together in...

Seven countries, states and breakaway republics you have probably never heard of

According to Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw, patriotism is the conviction that your country is superior to all others because you were born in it. But what if your country doesn’t exist, or lies on the fringes of legitimacy? Or it’s so minuscule that even minnows such as Luxembourg and Andorra run rings around it on the football pitch.Recognition is everything, of course. It’s all very well having...


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