Ryanair Bets Big On Sweden, Opens New Stockholm Base

Low-cost carrier Ryanair will begin operating almost 90 weekly departures from Stockholm’s Arlanda … [+] Airport in Sweden. Getty ImagesSwedes wanting a winter getaway will have a new low-cost option from later this year as budget carrier Ryanair expands its service to and from Sweden. Two aircraft will serve 21 European destinations from a new…

Celebrity chef Rachel Khoo recalls her travel adventures, from Paris to Stockholm

Celebrity chef Rachel Khoo checks into our travel Q&AThis week celebrity chef Rachel Khoo checks into our travel Q&A. She recalls some of her foodie adventures, plus her earliest holiday memory, most memorable trip – and more. My mother is Austrian so I visited her family, who live near the Swiss border, a lot as a child….

Sweden’s Third Biggest Airport To Close

Bromma airport (bottom) takes up significant land close to the center of the Swedish capital city … [+] Stockholm. gettyThe Swedish government has announced its intention to close Bromma Airport in Stockholm. A government committee will look at how the airport can be shut down as soon as possible to free up land for housing.The availability of…

Sweden to charge airlines higher rates for more polluting aircraft

Sweden is drawing up plans to charge airlines higher rates for more polluting aircraft.The new measure would apply to takeoff and landing fees at Swedish airports, with the idea being that carriers would benefit from having more efficient planes.The move incentivises airlines to swap older, more polluting models for newer, less impactful jets.“This…

How Europe’s night trains came back from the dead

Going to bed in one major city and waking up in another; toasting the landscape as a new country slips past; being rocked to sleep as you rattle across a continent. It’s no wonder that the night trains of…

Travel firm bucks trend by launching no-fly startup during lockdown

The travel industry has been devastated by Covid, but one new operator thinks this is the ideal time to launch a sustainable holiday companyWith much of the travel industry fighting for survival, now may not seem the best moment…

Which Christmas markets are still going ahead?

From Austria’s Viennese Dream Christmas Market to the Winter Village in New York, a rundown of the Christmas markets that will be going ahead in 2020, and those that have been called off….

How Lapland plans to save Christmas from Covid

Santa behind plexiglas. Socially distanced elves wearing surgical masks. It’s a very 2020 take on festive cheer, but with a holiday season like no other fast approaching, Lapland’s tourism operators believe it’s the best way to save Christmas and…

Sweden In July: For A Memorable Trip In 2020

Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia Filled with rich history and distinguished landscapes, Sweden is indeed a traveller’s delight. Home to a diverse range of colourful wooden buildings, stone fortresses and a traditional hut, Sweden is a place offering something for…

Who Can Travel To Scandinavia In November 2020?

European residents are able to visit Sweden, but Denmark and Norway have much stricter border restrictions in place. Non-European residents cannot visit the region for tourism, with some exceptions for Denmark. …

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