8 Enticing Festivals In Switzerland For Mirth And Merriment In 2021!

8 enticing festivals in switzerland for mirth and merriment in 2021

Switzerland, an epitome of beauty and happiness is famed as the heart of Europe. Renowned for its toothsome chocolates, chic watches, scenic Alps, and luscious cheese, it is undoubtedly a traveler’s paradise. This mesmerizing country is also well-known for its music, jazz, and rock & roll festivals. Festivals in Switzerland are observed throughout the year as it is a country that believes in the famous saying by Shakespeare “With mirth and merriment let old wrinkle come’. People in Switzerland believe in spending their lives blissfully celebrating festivals and relishing cheese and chocolates.

Get ready to indulge in chocolate, cheese, and fascinating festivals. Here is the list of all the must to experience Switzerland festivals. Take a look!

International Balloon Festival
Geneva Motor Show
Paléo Festival de Nyon
Basler Fasnacht
Montreux Jazz Festival
Fête de L’Escalade
Fête nationale Suisse

The International Balloon Festival is held in January every year. Château-d’Oex hosts this festival as it is the capital of Swiss hot air balloons. Pilots from different countries participate in this festival and hundreds of hot air balloons are seen in the sky on this 9-day festival…

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