13 Best Cities in Germany To Visit

Germany is one of those countries that you visit and get a totally different experience depending on which region you explore. That’s the beauty of it being a relatively large country (by European standards, at least), there’s just so…

Jordan In May: Details You Should Be Aware Of When Planning A Trip

Jordan is a religious and lavished with the archeological heritage. It’s an Arab kingdom in Western Asia connected with Syria on the North, Iraq on the North-East, Saudi Arabia on the East and the South, Israel, Palestine and the Dead Sea to the West and the Red Sea to its extreme South-West. It’s formally called the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. No

10 Churches In Coonoor You Are Going To Love The Vibe Of

One of the most serene and beautiful hill stations in the country, Coonoor is known as the second largest hill station in the Nilgiri Hills of the Western Ghats. Situated at a high altitude of 1930 meters, and at a distance of 19KM from Ooty, Coonoor is certainly a delightful location for all. Travellers can experience the nature bounty at its best

15 Churches In Indore That Will Easily Leave You Spellbound With Their Brilliance In 2020!

Cover Image Credit: pexels.com Indore is the commercial city of Madhya Pradesh which is expanding every year. It is the largest city built on Malwa Plateau providing a stunning atmosphere for living. Even though it’s an industrial area but still maintains the ancient beauty and numerous monuments. The blend of both modern and ancient civilizations

12 Churches In Ahmedabad For Your Next Tranquil Vacay In 2020!

Cover Image Credit: publicdomainpictures.net Are you looking for churches in Ahmedabad where you can sit in peace and connect with God and appreciate the architectural beauty? Then you don’t need to worry, as there are lots of churches present in the city where you can peacefully cherish its beauty and also spiritually connect with the Lord. Ahmedabad

10 Churches In Jaipur That Are Historically And Spiritually Significant

Christians constitute only one percent of the total population in Rajasthan. Yet Jaipur is home to a lot of churches; churches over a century old; churches established during the colonial period. The churches in Jaipur have a history behind their construction. Some of the churches were built during the time when the kings ruled Rajasthan and were built

12 Churches In Chandigarh That Will Surprise You With Their Architectural Brilliance

Cover Image Credit: needpix.com The capital of both Punjab and Haryana, Chandigarh is one of the most admired tourist destinations. The well-planned city has earned many recognitions and titles over the years. There are numerous attractions located here that will make your sightseeing experience memorable. These attractions also include a number of

10 Churches In Rajasthan That Take You Beyond Forts And Mahals

Either for its historic charm or for the breathtaking view, Rajasthan is a place that finds its place in everyone’s wish lists. Surrounded by breathtaking sand dunes, historic grandeur, and vibrant culture, the largest state of the country is a traveler’s delight. The land of Maharajas deserves a mention of its own because of the age-old culture

11 Churches In Thrissur That Are Known For Their Religious Significance

Thrissur, the city of festivities, houses many sacred spots. The calm and peaceful environment that these churches provide is worth experiencing. There is a significant proportion of the Christian community that is settled in and around the Thrissur city. Due to this, there are several churches in Thrissur that are worth witnessing because of their

11 Churches In Kollam: Admire The Rich History & Marvellous Architecture

Kollam is a hidden gem of Kerala. With seamless amalgamation of natural beauty and spiritual and cultural aura, Kollam attracts travellers of all kinds. Boasting of coastal location and pleasant climate, Kollam allures religious travellers round the year, who wish to visit this place for spiritual invigoration. The temples of Kollam are famous and most

7 Marvellous Churches In Dehradun That Are Worth Visiting In 2020

Dehradun is a scenic destination nestled in the sprawling Doon Valley in the foothills of mighty Himalayas. Nestled at an altitude of 1400 feet, Dehradun is a traveller’s paradise known for amazing sightseeing and enthralling adventure. Waterfalls, caves, ancient temples, and monasteries; everything in Dehradun looks fascinating and spectacular. Along

Israel Visa For Indians: Here Is All You Need To Know Before You Plan Your 2020 Trip

Israel, one of the oldest countries in the world, is the holy country of the Abrahamic religion. It is bordered by Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, and Syria. It is the home to the birthplace of Lord Jesus. With excellent infrastructure, it is very easy to travel across the state of Israel. And there is so much to discover across this beautiful country full

7 Churches In Agra Worth Visiting In 2020

Cover Image Credit: Wikipedia Agra! The first and most gorgeous thing that strikes our mind when we talk about Agra is the Taj Mahal. It is globally known that this stunning monument which is one of the seven wonders of the World along with other palaces and forts of the Mughal era reveals the charm and beauty of Agra. But very few or none knows about

12 Churches In Kochi That Define The Local Religious Aspects Beautifully

Kochi epitomizes a blend of traditional history with a touch of modernization. On the Malabar Coast, this port city basks in the glory of impressive churches. A visit to these famous churches in Kochi is a must for those who are fascinated by history as well as architecture. The delightful sight of these churches will remain in your mind forever. So,

15 Awe-Striking Churches In Trivandrum You Should Definitely Visit This Year

Trivandrum is a place with numerous natural wonders. There are various tourist sites, including beautifully designed palaces, sacred temples and churches, incredible museums, mesmerizing beaches making this place a wonderful city and loved by all people around the world. Paying homage for holy places renders a pleasurable experience and churches in
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