Tunisia: Zaghouan – 14-Day Ban On Events and Tourist Excursions

Tunis/Tunisia — The Regional Committee to Combat the Spread of COVID-19 on Tuesday decided to ban all cultural and sports events, tourist trips and wedding ceremonies for 14 days in the governorate of Zaghouan.As part of measures to combat the spread of the virus, the committee also decided to remove chairs from cafes and restaurants across the governorate…

Ghana: Ghana Tourism Sector and the Renaissance Journey

There is no doubt that Ghana's Tourism is pristine and growing steadily and, therefore, deserves particular attention if, indeed, it is purposed to contribute significantly to the country's GDP and, as a pro-poor sector, creates jobs and employment for a large number of the unemployed Ghanaian youths, while pushing the Tourism sector into the category

The Muslims You Don’t See

When I heard the news that Tunisian man committed a terrorist attack in Nice in October, I was startled by the timing. Just two weeks prior, I was travelling throughout the north African country, absorbing the Islamic architecture against the crêperies from France, once an occupier.  France’s Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron declared that it is

Traveling to Italy during Covid-19

If you’re planning a trip to Italy, here’s what you’ll need to know and expect if you want to visit during the global coronavirus pandemic….

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