Dark tourism emerges from the shadows as trendy travel subculture

Giving rise to a new travel subculture that is steadily becoming a global phenomenon, historical sites of macabre events like mass murders and nuclear disasters are becoming the go-to hotspots for a new breed of tourists. Dubbed “dark tourists” who participate in the emerging subculture of “dark tourism”, these travellers are now actively

Ukraine And Russia: War, And Now A New Battle—Over Borshch

The two neighbours have a long shared history, but in recent years their relationship has been scarred by armed conflict, and annexation of territory. Now there's another looming confrontation over cultural heritage—and national cuisine.Want to know more on Ukraine And Russia: War, And Now A New Battle—Over Borshch click here go to Dining news source. Dining

Mapping the high-risk travel list: 43 countries removed, five new ones added

For the first time since South Africa reopened its borders, the high-risk travel list has been altered. As it stands, just 22 countries are now unable to send leisure tourists to the Republic, shrinking the original tally down from 60. Interest in visiting South Africa during lockdown Although some major markets remain off-limits, the likes of

Russia In October 2020: Best Experiences Of The Wonderful Month

Russia is a transcontinental country. It is the world’s largest country and is in Eastern Europe and North Asia. It is a diverse nation that shares its borders with several countries- Norway, Estonia, Finland, China, North Korea, Mongolia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. In the month of October, Russia

Gorgeous Places To Visit In Europe In January 2020 On A Dream Vacay

Europe is a one of a kind spot as most tourists flock to its connected yet completely distinct nations. The people of the various European nations adhere to their very own way of life and language, and so any place you go it is an extraordinary and life-changing experience. Would you like to see colossal mountains? Simply travel to Switzerland and explore

8 Most Beautiful Temples In Bhopal To Relish The Heritage Architecture

Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh, is studded with spectacular temples attracting devotees round the year. Temples in Bhopal are auspicious places where people pray, worship, and meditate. In the present time, spiritual individuals like visiting holy shrines and temples with the hope of ending their rebirth cycle. This is true in Hinduism,

6 Marvelous Beaches In Ukraine That Are Perfect For Your Next Eurotrip In 2020

Cover Image Credit: PixabayUtterly amazing, Ukraine is one of the biggest European countries with a wide spectrum of mind-blowing tourist places. Strong heritage and culture, ancient castles, untapped natural beauty, a diversity of landscapes, and the splendid beaches in Ukraine have made this country an exotic holiday destination for travelers of all

10 Festivals In Ukraine: Become A Part Of The Slavic Folklore

Cover Image Credit: Ukraine is not just a major sightseeing destination, it is also a land of some of the most colorful and amazing festivals. Thus, when you are planning a visit to Ukraine, you must know about the major festivals in Ukraine so that you can accommodate it in your itinerary. The charm and beauty of Ukrainian festivals

In Russia and Ukraine, no social distance, masks on crowded beaches

Tens of thousands of vacation-goers in Russia and Ukraine have descended on Black Sea beaches, paying little heed to public health measures despite the numbers of reported coronavirus cases remaining high in both countries.Want to know more on In Russia and Ukraine, no social distance, masks on crowded beaches click here go to tour news source. Travel

MH17 crash: Key figure 'of interest' to investigators is top Russian general, claims Belli …

Independent investigators name mystery figure as colonel general Andrey BurlakaWant to know more on MH17 crash: Key figure 'of interest' to investigators is top Russian general, claims Bellingcat click here go to tour news source. Travel and tour information summary from The Independent Travel News.Author: Independent investigators name mystery
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