Adventures in Nomadland: Exploring the American Midwest landscape captured in the Oscar-tipped film

adventures in nomadland exploring the american midwest landscape captured in the oscar tipped film

There’s a beautiful scene in Nomadland in which dawn comes up over a campsite where the protagonist, played by Frances McDormand, is working as a host. 

As she heads off to share her coffee with other campers, the camera lingers on the spectacular scenery.

I didn’t just recognise the location but even the campsite. It’s where, nine years ago, the intrepid but possibly foolish Leonard family spent what we thought might be our last night on Earth, as a monstrous storm swept through the Badlands of South Dakota and gave our tent such a pounding we were convinced we were going to be blown away with it.

Tom Leonard writes: ‘You pretty much know what you’re going to get in California, Florida or the North-East – the usual destinations for British and other foreign tourists – but the Midwest is full of surprises, and invariably pleasant ones’ 

Frances McDormand in Nomadland. The movie is what a U.S travel magazine hailed as a ‘love letter to America’s wide open spaces’

The award-winning film (heavily fancied to pick up an Oscar or two) explores America’s dark underbelly.

Recently widowed and now jobless Fern (McDormand) travels around the American hinterland in a van as she encounters a burgeoning subculture of those whose lives have been ravaged by a recession and, too poor to retire, find themselves living like modern nomads…

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