British travel boss persuades Iceland to accept NHS vaccination card as proof of jab

british travel boss persuades iceland to accept nhs vaccination card as proof of jab

A British tour operator has persuaded Iceland’s prime minister to permit UK holidaymakers to be admitted on production of an NHS vaccination card.

Clive Stacey, who founded Discover the World in 1983, has just returned from the North Atlantic nation where he had a successful meeting with the leader, Katrín Jakobsdottir.

Mr Stacey told The Independent: “She put me in contact with the people involved in travel decisions.

“They had a look at the card, and said, ‘There’s a few things missing, but we can’t see why it won’t work along with a passport’.”

Iceland is expected to be one of very few European countries to feature on the so-called “green list” of countries from which travellers to the UK need not quarantine.

The sub-Arctic nation is already accepting visitors from the US who have been vaccinated.

“The travel industry is ready to go, they’re very excited. A reasonable number of Americans are coming in,” Mr Stacey said.

UK holidaymakers are banned until 17 May because of the current lockdown rules.

“We are all set to carry vaccinated clients to Iceland from 17 May, should the country be on the green list,” Mr Stacey said…

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