Frequent flyer Gilbert Ott says he’s living proof global travel CAN be safe 

frequent flyer gilbert ott says hes living proof global travel can be safe

A frequent flyer has revealed that he managed to fly internationally multiple times over the past year without catching Covid – and claims he’s proof that global travel can be done safely if it’s properly managed.

Travel expert Gilbert Ott, who runs the flight tips site God Save The Points, told MailOnline Travel that in 2020 and 2021 he flew to New York (twice), Santorini, Los Angeles and Palm Springs and remained virus-free.

The 34-year-old said: ‘I have at least 10 tests to my name as proof, across varying periods of time. Each time I stayed in a hotel or Airbnb and observed quarantine and restrictions in each country.

Gilbert is pictured here with his wife, Laura, and baby daughter on an August 2020 British Airways flight to Santorini

Gilbert with his baby daughter in Palm Springs earlier this year

‘I believe there’s always some luck involved in life, but I also believe that all studies showing how safe air is on planes – 10 times safer than home, five times safer than a hospital – is a big factor to unlocking travel, and that testing is too. I feel safer on a plane, next to people who have tested negative, than in many environments nearer home…

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