The Safest Countries In The World: U.S., U.K. Move Up Rankings

the safest countries in the world u s u k move up rankings

Guanajuato, in Mexico, ranked by the Bloomberg Resiliency Index as the least safe country


For anyone in the U.S. waiting patiently for the land border with Mexico to open (or those flying in, which is currently possible) it’s worth noting that Mexico is the worst place to be right now, according to Bloomberg’s Covid Resiliency Ranking.

Bloomberg has been publishing its monthly update of the best and worst places to be during the Covid-19 pandemic by analyzing key metrics of the world’s largest economies (above $200 billion) and the figures for March show two striking changes:

many European countries have moved down the rankings, due to the third wave of infections currently sweeping the continent. Nine of the ten most severe declines in March were in European countries, and there is only one in the top ten best countries (Norway).
the countries which have prioritised the rollout of vaccinations over everything else–Israel, the U.S. and the U.K.–are improving rapidly and gaining on countries like Australia where the virus rates are incredibly low. Fast vaccination clearly causes infection rates to drop, allowing economies to open…

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