U.K. Declares Which EU Destinations Safe For Non-Essential Travel

u k declares which eu destinations safe for non essential travel

The Blue Grotto, on the southeast coast of Malta–now considered safe for non-essential travel by the … [+] U.K. government.


In some excitement that holidays will soon be back on again for Brits, the U.K. Foreign Office has changed its travel advice–declaring which EU countries are now safe for non-essential travel.

Portugal, the Canary Islands, Corfu and Crete, as reported by The Telegraph, have been declared safe. Malta, a popular Mediterranean destination for British holidaymakers–and currently offering to pay travelers who visit over the summer–has also been declared safe. Israel has made the cut, as well as the Greek islands of Rhodes, Kos, and Zakynthos.

Non-essential travel is currently banned from the U.K. so it is widely anticipated that these are reliable indications of where holidaymakers will be allowed to go from 17 May onwards, when the U.K. allows the resumption of travel for tourism. The U.K. government is expected to unveil its travel light lists this week on 7 May, when countries will be grouped into either green, amber and red categories.

Visitors to countries on the green list are not expected to be required to quarantine upon return, although the countries themselves may place additional constraints on U…

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