Why Cyprus might be the ideal destination for your first post-lockdown holiday

why cyprus might be the ideal destination for your first post lockdown holiday

For many of us, the tentative road map out of lockdown and roll-out of the vaccine has got us thinking about one thing: going on holiday.

The pandemic has meant international travel has been pretty much off the menu for nearly a year, and many of us are itching to go abroad again.

Cyprus could very well be the hottest destination of 2021. It’s opening its borders to vaccinated British tourists from the beginning of May – although restrictions on foreign travel are still in force at this time. The earliest date Brits will be allowed to go abroad is currently May 17.

So what do you need to know about Cyprus?

The food…

The food in Cyprus is nothing short of delicious. Similar to Greek cuisine, there’s a big focus on fresh ingredients, simple cooking and big flavours. Think stuffed vine leaves, souvlaki (skewers), moussaka and mezze plates full of olives, artichokes and fried halloumi.

The food of North Cyprus is similar, but with more of a Turkish influence – so expect to see lots of doner kebabs and pastries like baklava and borek.


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The history…

Cyprus’ history is rich and varied, as seen at its many archaeological sites…

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