These 3 small New England towns leave a big impression, according to Country Living

these 3 small new england towns leave a big impression according to country living

New England is full of small towns worth exploring, but three, in particular, provide a strong, lasting memory, according to Country Living.

Country Living recently released a list of 20 small towns that leave a big impression and three New England spots made the list: Portsmouth, N.H.; Woodstock, Vermont; and Boothbay Harbor, Maine.

The list of 20 places “offer something for everyone, and they all leave behind a big impression,” wrote the publication, noting that small towns are ideal for discovering and exploring locally-owned shops and restaurants and businesses such as bakeries, and book stores.

“Full of charm and whimsy, small towns across the country are a lot less crowded than a tourist trap and make for the perfect quiet break,” wrote Country Living.

Portsmouth, N.H. is “the most picturesque community right on the coast,” wrote the publication, and full of locally-owned shops and small restaurants.

“It’s nice to even just walk through the streets, especially during the holidays, when the Christmas decorations look extra special,” the publication wrote about the city.

Woodstock, Vermont is “the quintessential New England town,” wrote Country Living…

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