Tokyo’s restaurants have a story to tell. Somekind Japan’s ‘Take away Tokyo’ series helps th …

tokyos restaurants have a story to tell somekind japans take away tokyo series helps them do it

Vaughn Mossop and Simon Davis, co-founders of Australian micropublisher Somekind, never expected that their “Take away” series, which started last year as an effort to help out a few Australian restaurants in the early days of lockdown, would soon spread to the United States. Now, it’s coming to Japan.

“We thought maybe we would sell a few hundred books and give a few thousand dollars back to the venues,” Mossop says, “but it just snowballed. We’ve sold 30,000 books and raised about 375,000 Australian dollars (about ¥31.6 million). From two little books to where we are now with a series in Los Angeles and Tokyo, it’s been an incredible ride.”

Hide (left) and Chie Yamada founded craft beer bar and bottle shop Pigalle in 2010. They penned ‘Pigalle: Welcome to Small World’ with Somekind Japan. | NATHALIE CANTACUZINO

Somekind’s model brings together the concepts of crowdfunding, publishing on demand and presale. Once a venue agrees to do a book, the countdown to publication begins with a cover design and a 10-day crowdfunding period for preorders — each volume is ¥2,200. Once those hit the minimum 100, then the writing, editing and, in the case of the Tokyo series, translating process begins in earnest…

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