4 hottest food trends to watch in 2022

Sumary of 4 Hottest Food Trends To Watch In 2022:

  • As this year draws to a close, let’s see what’s in store for 2022 from global food and restaurant consultancy Baum+Whiteman.
  • Michael Whiteman—President of Baum + Whiteman—foresees a profitable second-half of 2022 for restaurants.
  • Outdoor dining will become permanent in many cities, adding to restaurants’ seating capacities and revenue,” he noted.
  • There’s also the “semi-automated” restaurant Sushiro in Tokyo, where machines cook and mold the rice, plus seasoning with vinegar, and human employees top the sushi rice with hand-cut fish.
  • ” You’ll see some vending machines in “supermarkets, office buildings, hospitals, schools,” while others will be tucked away as extra help to “hand-labor production” in restaurants.
  • Kitchen United Mix is one of many ghost kitchens facilities throughout the Los Angeles area.

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