chefs share their favorite unexpected foods to throw on the grill

Sumary of Chefs Share Their Favorite Unexpected Foods To Throw On The Grill:

  • getty It’s grilling season, and while your food lineup probably includes some classic standbys—burgers, hot dogs, steak, corn—there may be some favorites you’ve yet to try.
  • Every time we grill meat over charcoal, we always start with grilled nopales.
  • ” — Katsuji Tanabe, executive chef of A’Verde Cocina and Tequila Library in Cary, North Carolina Bananas “Grilled bananas don’t get nearly enough love.
  • ” — Matthew Eads, cookbook author, gourmet griller and founder of Grillseeker Grilled halloumi taco Credit: K Pasa Halloumi “Halloumi is something that you wouldn’t traditionally see grilled for sure.
  • We use it for our grilled halloumi taco featuring coconut black beans and salsa roja, all piled high on our homemade tortillas.
  • ” — David Hart, head chef, and Miguel Reyes Castillo, executive chef of K Pasa in Sag Harbor, New York MORE FOR YOU Japanese Eggplant “Grilling Japanese eggplant is so simple, and it comes out delicious.

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