These Filipino-Inspired Doughnuts Sell Out In Under A Minute Every Week

these filipino inspired doughnuts sell out in under a minute every week

Sumary of These Filipino-Inspired Doughnuts Sell Out In Under A Minute Every Week:

  • Kenneth Camara @kenscamara Every Monday at 3 p.m, online ordering opens up for Kora, a Filipino microbakery based in New York City..
  • It been almost a year since cofounder Kimberly Camara started selling her doughnuts, and while production has increased from 100 doughnuts a week to 1,000 doughnuts, they still sell out in under a minute..
  • Like many others in the hospitality industry, Camara and Borja were laid off from their restaurant jobs during the coronavirus pandemic..
  • With extra time on her hands, Camara baked as a creative outlet and on one fateful day decided to fry up some brioche dough..
  • Rather than clear out the oven, she decided to fry them like doughnuts over the stove, filling them with ube (purple yam) pastry cream she had from a cake she made for a friend a few days prior..
  • The resulting doughnuts were so good that it prompted Camara to post a picture of them on her Instagram feed and sell them on a casual basis after just one day of testing..
  • At the time, Camara thought that making these doughnuts featuring iconic Filipino flavors would be a seasonal project that she’d only do for a month or so..
  • Camara Instagram following wasn’t anywhere near the 13K+ it is now, but she had long used her profile as a portfolio of sorts for the food she made..
  • When she started selling her doughnuts through a Google Form linked on her Instagram, it immediately caught the attention of her loyal following and grew organically..
  • At the beginning, Camara made doughnuts in small batches in her Queens apartment (using every available surface to proof doughnuts) and Borja helped deliver them..
  • Kenneth Camara @kenscamara Just a few weeks later, Camara got a call from the New York Times for a potential feature on their business..
  • She turned them down, unsure if their budding business (which was still being run through her personal Instagram) was ready to be exposed to a large potential audience..
  • A few weeks later, Eater reached out with a similar request, and this time Camara and Borja agreed to an interview, meanwhile working quickly to officially establish Kora with a website and its own Instagram account..
  • Camara brother Ken is their photographer, her cousin Rob handled their social media at the beginning, and her best friend Jenny designed their logo and helped create their branding..
  • Working in small New York City kitchens and a job at a large catering hall made Camara uniquely prepared for making hundreds of doughnuts out of her apartment..
  • She made around 100 doughnuts that first week, and before moving operations to a shared commissary kitchen in Long Island City just a few months ago Camara and her small team were making 500 doughnuts a week in her Queens apartment..
  • Now that they’re in a commercial kitchen and using professional equipment, they’re able to make around 1,000 doughnuts a week and distribute them over two days (Thursdays and Fridays) instead of just one (Fridays)..
  • In terms of meeting demand, Camara notes that a year in, they aren’t there yet—and won’t be there until they can produce enough doughnuts to sell them on a daily basis..
  • Even though they’re making double the amount of doughnuts that they made from Camara apartment, their sellout window continues to be under a minute..
  • Their model of opening orders on Monday was implemented for logistical reasons (to give the Kora team enough time to shop for ingredients, prep and produce the doughnuts), and it ended up being one of the key factors that made their popularity skyrocket…

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