You can now visit Evangelion’s Misato’s apartment dining room in real-life Tokyo

you can now visit evangelions misatos apartment dining room in real life tokyo

Sumary of You can now visit Evangelion’s Misato’s apartment dining room in real-life Tokyo:

  • Specifically, it Misato dining room that now exists, thanks to something called the Dassai Instrumentality Project, a tie-up between the Evangelion franchise and sake brand Dassai..
  • Dassai name in kanji, 獺祭, can be seen on the labels of the bottles behind Misato when we see her in her in-anime apartment dining space..
  • As the years went by, though, Dassai become more and more popular in Japan for its balanced, refreshing flavor, and as Eva also grew in mainstream popularity, fans of the anime rewatching the series noticed which sake Misato is a fan of..
  • So to jointly celebrate their success, the Dassai Store in Tokyo Ginza neighborhood has recreated Misato dining room..
  • In addition to numerous Dassai bottles (empty, of course, because it not like sake is going to go undrunk in Misato home), the table also has cans of Ebisu Beer and UCC Milk Coffee, two other beverages frequently guzzled at Misato anime home….

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