Discover Canada’s Best Fall Festivals

Maligne lake at Spirit island in Jasper national park, Canada getty That slight chill in the air signals that fall has arrived in Canada. There’s no better way to celebrate the s…

Two days in Ise-Shima National Park

Built in an ancient architectural style called Shinmei-zukuri, buildings here lack the ornamentation and bright colors often found in shrines elsewhere, made instead from unvarnish…

5 reasons why Dubrovnik in Autumn is a great idea

Croatian wine (vino) and its production on the southern Dalmatian coast may be traced back over 2,500 years to the ancient Greek settlements on the Croatian islands of Vis, Hvar, a…

Kenya: Islamic Capital Fuels Nairobi’s Hotel Boom

It is Nairobi’s hoi polloi wisdom that the money, which has changed Nairobi’s hotel skyline is suspect, pirated or driven by huge Somali diaspora remittances for the decades of c…

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