Old World Wine Stomping Takes Place Once A Year In The Mountains Of Portugal

old world wine stomping takes place once a year in the mountains of portugal

Sumary of Old World Wine Stomping Takes Place Once A Year In The Mountains Of Portugal:

  • View of Quinta de Nápoles from Niepoort Winery Joao Bernardino Deep in the mountains of Portugal, surrounded by the stunning vineyards of the Douro Valley, lies the heart and soul of Old World winemaking.
  • A new documentary, “A Wonderful Kingdom,” has recently been released (Apple TV), celebrating tradition with an homage to these hard-working locals, creating lifeblood that flows through the granite-based soil of the region.
  • Set to the words of iconic poet Miguel Torga and narrated by actor Malcolm McDowell, this stunning documentary showcases the region’s breathtaking beauty.
  • Stomping the grapes, while very traditional, is believed to make wine less bitter Joao Bernardino ​The talent of gathering grapes and then turning them into many varieties of wine has continued for nearly 300 years.
  • Each September and October, this winemaking tradition creates unique energy for the region as the locals gather from nearby villages to work the vineyards.
  • Crushing the grapes requires a lot of aerobic energy, as you press the grapes down with your foot to gently crush them.

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