When Wine Drinkers Want Pinot Noir, Without The Pinot Noir

when wine drinkers want pinot noir without the pinot noir

Sumary of When Wine Drinkers Want Pinot Noir, Without The Pinot Noir:

  • Pinot noir is one of the best-known, most easily recognized grape varieties for wine enthusiasts around the world.
  • That was my experience last week, when I led a tasting for enthusiastic wine consumers of six different pinot noir wines from around the world.
  • Everyone in the group showed up in order to taste a range of pinot noirs.
  • What we learned collectively by the end of the sixth wine, however, was that “pinot noir” is a moving target.
  • But the pinot noir wines in the lineup that they actually liked ended up fitting a taste profile that was far more similar to merlot or cabernet sauvignon in terms of texture, aroma and alcohol by volume (ABV).
  • Over the course of the tasting, we challenged assumptions at two different levels: what consumers understand pinot noir to be, and what winemakers put into the bottle as pinot noir.

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