in massachusetts a seacoast city that feels like home

Sumary of In Massachusetts, a seacoast city that feels like home:

  • “Massachusetts,” my 4-year-old said, articulating every syllable as we crossed the state line.
  • And the arrival of high-end restaurants and retail outposts, as well as points of interest, such as the Clipper City Rail Trail (the nearly four-mile-long walking path traces former railroad tracks), has encouraged visitors and new residents alike to spend more time in the area that locals affectionately refer to as the Port.
  • Owned by the Starlite Management Co., the group responsible for two popular Massachusetts restaurants, the salt-marsh-facing restaurant seats 130 guests outdoors and offers a fire pit, picnic tables, bocce courts and a sandbox for kids.
  • Later, as the haze from Western wildfires blew across the Northeast, the sun turned an ominous red, spectacular above the swaying marsh grass.
  • At night, we snagged the last outdoor table at a restaurant in the same complex, the Joy Nest, a Thai-inspired restaurant that opened in February.
  • My sons pulled springy noodles from a bowl and slurped them up, one by one, while I chipped away at a dish of gravy-soaked rad na noodles.

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