10 Great Wines To Transition From Winter To Spring

10 great wines to transition from winter to spring

It’s hard to believe after this bizarrely long stretch of dark and dreary days, but Winter is almost behind us and warm weather is finally around the corner. 

​There’s a lot to love about the changing seasons, but one beautiful thing about the transition to Spring is the back and forth between warm and blustery days, to ease from one time of year to the next.

Temperatures are warming and the sun is starting to shine, but what are we drinking to celebrate the … [+] seasonal transition?


Now that Jack Frost is no longer nipping at our noses, it’s time to start dusting off those lighter wines as we transition to a glorious Spring and a full-bodied white wine leads the way.

 “A few of my favorites are a Semillon or a White Bordeaux, a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon,” said Laura Pauli, a chef and sommelier, who finds a rich, creamy, unctuous White Bordeaux with flavors of ginger, peach, chamomile, crème brûlée, pear and baked apple pair beautifully with a cassoulet or other white bean stews that usher in warmer days.

“White Bordeaux also pairs well with spring peas and asparagus, quintessential spring vegetables that signal the new season,” said Pauli…

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