9 Easy Tequila Cocktail Recipes For Summer

9 easy tequila cocktail recipes for summer

Sumary of 9 Easy Tequila Cocktail Recipes For Summer:

  • Cointreau Nothing says summer to me like a refreshing tequila cocktail—preferably consumed beside a beautiful body of water..
  • (Much as I try.) So to shake up my drinks game this year, I asked a number of spirits professionals about what they’re doing with the tequilas in their liquor cabinet..
  • Here are some new (and stellar) ways to mix things up for when you’re in a cocktail rut—from a spicy peach-forward smash to a strawberry-and-cilantro combo that bursts of flavor..
  • Easy-to-Make Tequila Cocktails for Summer Tanteo TANTEO PUERTO VALLARTA SMASH “I love the play of sweet and spicy with peaches and habanero..
  • The basil and jalapeño add a freshness that screams ‘drink me on a long summer day while overlooking the beach!’”.
  • Milagro Tequila MILAGRO PALOMA SELECT “Our Milagro Select Paloma is the perfect cocktail for the summer because it light and refreshing..
  • The tart grapefruit paired with the agave-forward Milagro Select Silver creates a harmonious blend of flavors that are sure to impress..
  • Juan Coronado SUMMER IN ARANDAS “The Summer in Arandas cocktail allows for Mijenta blanco flavor profile to expand even further with the earthiness and sweetness of watermelon, delicate notes of flowers, and hint of salt..
  • Matty Auer THE COCO AÑEJO “Summer is right around the corner and this is a perfectly refreshing and delicious drink—with a hint of spiciness that you can enjoy on a hot summer day in Del Mar.”…

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