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A Very American Holiday Wine Lineup

16 Wines To Enjoy For Thanksgiving And Throughout The Holiday Season


The holiday season will be a bit of an odd one, to say the least. Fewer people will be traveling, and gatherings will be significantly smaller, but that doesn’t mean we can’t rally little holiday spirit. And if you’re still planning to serve up a Thanksgiving or holiday feast this year, be sure to serve some great wine. As Thanksgiving is an all-American holiday within itself, it’s only fitting that we look to the many regions of the country producing some truly exceptional wines. From California to Virginia, New York to Arizona, and everywhere in between, opting for a few of these selections will no doubt offer a welcome distraction from our “new normal.” Though you can pretty much find a wine being produced in all 50 states, here are a few top suggestions from 11 of them, plus one not-so-American selection that has earned a seat at the table. 

2020 Duboeuf Beaujolais Nouveau, $14 

So, this is technically breaking the rules right off the bat. Still, considering we just celebrated Beaujolais Nouveau Day, which seems to have become more of an American Tradition than a French one, this wine serves as an exception to this all-American lineup. We have the late Georges Duboeuf, in particular, to thank for this annual tradition. His love for the American market prompted him to focus this style of wine towards the Thanksgiving holiday, particularly when he was expanding his brand beyond Beaujolais more than five decades ago. You can count bright, red fruity flavors, hints of lush floral gardens, and a little touch of spice on this friendly, easy-drinking wine. Santé! 


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