A wine romance: how to taste wine – and what to eat with it

a wine romance how to taste wine and what to eat with it

At the end of the day, your personal taste is what matters most when it comes to deciding on your choice of wine.
Photograph: Fenea Silviu/Shutterstock

It’s easy to see why wine connoisseurs can be figures of fun: the swirling, the sniffing, the sucking and swilling, and after all that, they spit it out! What’s that all about?

Ultimately, it’s all part of getting as much flavour, enjoyment and information out of the wine as possible – which doesn’t seem quite so bizarre. After all, says Graham Nash, wine product developer at Tesco: “The important thing to understand when tasting and drinking wine is that it’s for enjoyment.” And you can elevate that enjoyment with a few expert tips. So, glass at the ready and bottle in hand, let’s get tasting.

How to tasteWe tend to serve our reds warm and our whites cold. Actually, cooling some red wines (depending on their starting temperature) a little will make them taste more fragrant and fruity. Similarly, serving white very cold can mute the aromas and flavour. Try the 20/20 guide: put your red in the fridge for 20 minutes before serving, and take your white out 20 minutes before…


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