Afficionado Coffee Roasters Launches Retail Operation And Canned Beverage Line

afficionado coffee roasters launches retail operation and canned beverage line

Next month, when Afficionado Coffee Roasters opens its first retail outlet, a coffee shop at 750 11th Avenue on the West Side of Manhattan, it will mark the culmination of a business strategy that started with establishing connections between co-founders and coffee farmers and evolved into bringing these connections to coffee lovers around the country.

Red and green coffee cherries are seen growing on a arabica coffee tree in Matalgalpa, Nicaragua … [+] where coffee is produced for export. (Photo by Epics/Getty Images)

Hulton Archive

Co-founders Adam Bossie and Paul Merces held their first lab roasting experiment in the New Jersey family backyard, back in 2007, by latching a turkey rotisserie and a perforated metal cylinder to the family outdoor grill. Mr. Bossie’s mother wasn’t pleased, but the duo was on their way. It took about two years, their life savings and a real roaster to create a coffee they felt worthy of their standards. 

They first sold their beans at farmers markets around the state and then started to connect with chefs. “We wanted to be a sort of gastronomic coffee, a drink of choice at the restaurants we loved,” said Mr…

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