Anna Jones’s winter tomatoes with whipped feta

anna joness winter tomatoes with whipped feta

In the past few years I have been buying my favourite tomatoes of the year in the winter. In January, February and March a few winter tomato varieties make their way to UK shores from Spain and Italy: the salty iberico tomato; the pert and pleasingly green-flavoured marinda; and the deeply red, sometimes almost black camone. They are an entirely different affair from the ripe summer fruits we think of when we talk about tomatoes. For me these have more interesting and individual flavours: you can taste the saltiness of the sea where some of them grow and the green scent of their vines comes through.

Serves 2stale sourdough bread 50gextra virgin olive oil 1 tbsp (the best quality you can find), plus a little extra to drizzle on the breadwinter tomatoes 800g (I like the camone, marinda and iberico varieties, but any will work)sherry vinegar ½ tbspunwaxed lemon 1, zest and juicefeta cheese 200gthick Greek yoghurt 2 tbspnigella seeds 1 tspmarjoram or oregano 4 sprigs, leaves picked

Preheat your oven to 200C fan/gas mark 7. Roughly tear the sourdough into pieces and pulse in a food processor until you have rough breadcrumbs. A bit of texture is good here, so try not to go too far, otherwise your crumb will be too fine and sandy…

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