Causing a stir: New paella making robot set to take over restaurants across Spain

causing a stir new paella making robot set to take over restaurants across spain

PAELLA traditionalists can be heard slamming down their spatulas across the country after culinary boffins have revealed a robotic arm that is claimed to make the ‘perfect’ paella.

Unveiled at a hospitality fair in Malaga last month, the high-tech creation has been specifically designed to create Spain’s national dish from start to finish with out the need for human interaction.

The gadget is the brainchild of paella experts Mimcook and robotics start-up BR5, and has been aimed at the hospitality sector as an automated alternative to the time consuming task of paella making.

Its creators claim that far from taking away from the traditional art, it has been made purely as a ‘labor-saving’ device that will allow chefs to concentrate on creativity.

“The robot will be there if someone’s having an off day or if your rice chef goes off to work in another restaurant.” said Enrique Lillo of BR5.

The robotic Paellero can be programmed with various paella recipes, and once the chef adds the rice, stock and other precooked ingredients, the arm will take over and cook the dish to perfection.

It is equipped with temperature sensors to avoid burning, and will automate the correct amount of ingredients are added to the dish…

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