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chefs tips for funkier focaccia kitchen aide

I’ve finally cracked my focaccia dough. Any ideas on how to upgrade it?Tony, London SW9

The joy of this bubbly bread is that you can be as basic or creative as you like (see #focacciaart on Instagram, where asparagus spears masquerade as flower stems and tomatoes as petals). You could, says Bath-based baker Richard Bertinet, simply switch up the oil. “Use the same recipe, but swap olive for avocado oil. It’s richer and the colour is beautiful.”

Alternatively, play around with the flour. Dough maestro Martha De Lacey, who runs the online cooking school The Muff Kitchen, recommends sticking with 70% strong white bread flour as the base (“you want to keep the gluten quite strong”), then mixing in brown, spelt, rye and heritage flours such as einkorn. You could call on a sourdough starter, too, either by adding a dollop to your yeasted dough (in which case reduce the amount of water you use, De Lacey says), or by going all-in and using starter (100g to 500g flour) to leaven your bread.

In Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat on Netflix, Samin Nosrat pours brine (salt mixed with water) over her dough, a strategy De Lacey also adopts (with a splash of vinegar or kombucha for good measure)…

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