Deeply Rooted In Its Maverick Past, Texas Wine Heads Toward An Innovative Future

deeply rooted in its maverick past texas wine heads toward an innovative future

Fall Creek Vineyards, a Texas wine pioneer, keeps breaking barriers with its award-winning wines.

Courtesy of Fall Creek Vineyards

Over the last 40 years, Texas wine has gone from novelty to worldwide contender. The curious pioneers who planted the first experimental plots are now industry institutions, passing the torch to a new generation of adventurous winemakers that are pushing boundaries, innovating and moving the industry forward.

The first visionaries

The birth of the modern Texas wine industry can be traced back to 1973, when Austinites Ed and Susan Auler took a fateful trip to France. Ed was a practicing lawyer who had taken over operation of his family’s Hill Country cattle ranch, and wanted to look at a French breed of cattle for crossing with their Angus herd to increase profitability. Instead, the trip turned him and his wife into wine pioneers.

“When Ed and I took the extensive 21-day driving tour of the French wine regions, it became the catalyst for an insatiable passion and desire to learn more about wine,” says Susan. “We planted our initial wine-growing test plot on a corner of our Fall Creek Ranch in 1975, acquiring the adjacent 400 acres of valley land for a vineyard two years later, and continued returning to France every year or two to revisit wine regions and meet and talk with winery owners.” 

Ed and Susan Auler, owners of Fall Creek Vineyards, with director of wine operations Sergio Cuadra.

Fall Creek Vineyards

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