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fancy or cheap what is the best chocolate for baking kitchen aide

Does it matter what chocolate I use for baking? Ian, Edinburgh

This sounds like a job for our baking brigade: Ravneet Gill, Benjamina Ebuehi and Tamal Ray. “I’m a big chocolate fan,” Ebuehi says, “but there are so many different types, it can be intimidating.” In part, what bar you choose comes down to personal taste, she adds: “If you wouldn’t eat it on its own, you probably won’t want it in your baking.”

And that means steering clear of the supermarket baking shelves. “It’s counterintuitive, but the best chocolate for baking is in the confectionary aisle,” Ebuehi says. Baking chocolate, which usually contains added oils and fats, is much less reliable: “It’s not as good for melting or tempering, and it’s more likely to split when making a ganache.”

Instead, use the best-quality chocolate you can afford. “You shouldn’t ever feel excluded if you don’t have the budget for quality chocolate,” Gill says, “but if you’re going to bake a flourless chocolate cake, say, where chocolate is the lead singer, you should spend a bit more, if you can.” Ebuehi agrees: “If chocolate isn’t the most pronounced flavour, you can get away with whatever you’ve got to hand, but if it’s a chocolate torte or truffles, it definitely matters what type you use…

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