First of the summer wines: picnic wine, cocktail recipes and what to serve with them

first of the summer wines picnic wine cocktail recipes and what to serve with them

Spring into action and get your picnic game on. Photograph: shironosov/Getty Images/iStockphoto

It’s official, spring 2021 is the season of picnic. Picnic central. Restrictions relaxing, we’ll be going alfresco everywhere with even the slightest sniff of sunshine. Whether it’s in a park, on the beach, in our garden or sitting out on the street in folding chairs, we will be there with cooler boxes, rugs and knotted hankies on our heads. It’s going to be like Wimbledon, Glastonbury, Glyndebourne and the Faversham Cherry Festival all rolled into one. Every day.

With 2020 behind us, surely you need no help putting a picnic together, so now’s the chance to up your great outdoor game with advice on which wines to bring and how to serve them, including day-appropriate mixers certain to put a spring in your step.

Once upon a time, you’d find a suitably quiet spot with just the right amount of shade, lay out the rug, unpack the picnic, take out the perfectly-chilled wine, and only then realise that nobody had brought the corkscrew. Well, this need never happen again thanks to, largely, the Australians for taking the stigma out of screw caps…

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