Holiday Gift Guide 2020: The Best Pantry Staples For Foodies

holiday gift guide 2020 the best pantry staples for foodies

Momofuku Seasoned Salts

Credit: Andrew Bezek

While we may not be able to dine in at our favorite restaurants or travel to far-off places and try new cuisines right now, you can create some pretty spectacular meals right in your own home with some time, patience and the right ingredients. From Sicilian extra virgin olive oil to habanero hot sauce from Belize, these are the best pantry staples to gift this season.

Credit: Bono

Bono Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This “liquid gold” (aka extra virgin olive oil) is the real deal. It’s harvested, pressed and bottled in Sicily, a fact that’s confirmed by its PDO certification (protected designation of origin). The Bono family has been making olive oil since 1934, and today they are the largest producer of extra virgin olive oil in Sicily. And while the size of their operation has grown over the years, the quality of their extra virgin olive oil remains top-notch. It has a delicate flavor with a fruity aftertaste, and I use it on everything. It’s truly spoiled me for all other olive oils and is a must-have pantry staple.

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Credit: Acid League


Acid League Living Vinegars

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