How A New Tequila Brand Is Helping To Protect The Whales In Guerrero

how a new tequila brand is helping to protect the whales in guerrero

Mijenta tequila, a recent arrival in the market, is partnering with Whales of Guerrero to preserve … [+] Jalisco’s coastline.

Mijenta Tequila

As we commemorate Earth Day, it is encouraging that environmentally conscious companies worldwide are partnering with nonprofits and community organizations to do their part in helping preserve our natural resources for future generations and for the health of the planet.

One such company is Mijenta, an award-winning, sustainable and artisanal tequila made in the highlands of Jalisco, which is joining forces with Whales of Guerrero to help educate and facilitate community driven conservation in the region, laying the groundwork for practices that will bring the state’s oceans back to a healthy balance.

Whales of Guerrero organizes community driven conservation in the fishing village of Barra de Potosí and the Southwest Pacific state of Guerrero, where humpback whales arrive each year to reproduce. The organization pioneers a new approach to coastal protection, supporting healthy oceans and marine stewardship through humpback whale research, education, training and conservation programs.

Whales of Guerrero is a local leader in ecotourism and research…

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