How to make the perfect gluten-free chocolate chip cookies – recipe | Felicity Cloake’s How …

how to make the perfect gluten free chocolate chip cookies recipe felicity cloakes how to make the perfect

Sumary of How to make the perfect gluten-free chocolate chip cookies – recipe | Felicity Cloake’s How to make the perfect…:

  • Sadly, however, if you can’t tolerate gluten, chocolate chip cookies do not usually love you back – while squidgy brownies and many other deliciously squidgy cakes don’t really suffer for a lack of this natural glue, it’s harder to keep a biscuit together without it.
  • (Incidentally, today’s recipe is dedicated to my godson, who is currently awaiting the results of a test for coeliac disease and relieved to find that, whatever happens, there are still cookies in his future.
  • )The flourElizabeth Barbone’s gluten-gree chocolate chip cookies go big on the rice flour.
  • Let’s not beat around the bush: this recipe doesn’t stand or fall on the type of sugar used, or on how many chocolate chips go in – all these things are irrelevant compared with your choice of flour.
  • The easiest thing to do is to buy a gluten-free flour mix, which tend to be based on rice flour.
  • It’s this that’s responsible for the gritty texture that is lovely in moderation in shortbread, but all too often spoils gluten-free baking.

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