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how to use up wilted or bolted lettuce recipe waste not

Sumary of How to use up wilted or bolted lettuce – recipe | Waste not…:

  • This is a particular issue with leafy greens such as lettuce, spinach and cabbage, which need to be harvested before they shoot up..
  • Dove gets around the problem by growing celtuce (AKA asparagus lettuce) as part of her crop rotation because, unlike other lettuces, this thick-stemmed member of the family can still be harvested after it has bolted with little effect on flavour..
  • Fortunately, both wilted and bolted lettuce are great to cook with, and will work alongside, or replace, leafy greens in any dish that calls for them..
  • Bolted lettuce can sometimes be a little bitter, but, like chicory, it also wonderful barbecued, pan roasted or in a cheesy gratin..
  • Pea and lettuce gratin Each growing season, when the sun heats up, the lettuce on our veg patch bolts, shooting up towards the sky in its determination to reproduce..
  • Another simple dish to make with limp or bolted lettuce is the classic petits pois à la française – simply saute roughly chopped lettuce and spring onions in butter with peas and a touch of garlic, then finish with a touch of stock….

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