Inspired by lola: Kimberly Camara’s Kora doughnuts ooze with Filipino flavors and fillings

inspired by lola kimberly camaras kora doughnuts ooze with filipino flavors and fillings

IT’S the season of the Filipino lolas.

Disney UK recently released its Christmas video featuring a grandmother (lola) and the Filipino parol, tugging hearts of Filipinos in the diaspora. Then a couple of weeks ago, “Blue’s Clues & You!” introduced Josh’s lola, along with yet another Filipino classic, the bibingka.

But before these grandmas even made it into everyone’s consciousness, another Filipina lola already became viral somehow, thanks to her granddaughter Kimberly Camara who named her online bakery in her honor and memory.

Kimberly Camara’s Kora doughnuts featuring Filipino-inspired flavors | Photo courtesy of Kimberly Camara/Instagram

Camara is the brains behind Kora, the NYC bakery now famous for its doughnuts infused with Filipino flavors and a long waitlist. They staged their first-ever popup in October and to say that the event was a smashing success would be a massive understatement.

“I draw my inspiration from my culinary background and also my Filipino heritage,” Camara told the Asian Journal. “It’s a combination of a lot of different influences in my life, one of the biggest one is my grandma, Lola Cora.”

Week after week, the anticipation built up as the demand for Camara’s Filipino doughnuts rose. We asked around while waiting in line and most were curious because they all failed in getting their orders on the day of the release as everything was sold out after just a minute or two. Others were repeat customers who wanted to have more.

Camara makes the doughnuts from her apartment in Woodside, Queens, around six blocks away from the popup venue at Fabula Cafe on 61st Street.

On their way to the cafe, she surveyed the line and was immediately overwhelmed.

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